Sophie Vanhomwegen

Sophie Vanhomwegen is video maker and mixed media artist, working and living in Brussels. Her work consists mainly of collages on paper and digital works like prints, video and sound. She uses collage techniques to generate an alienating and highly surrealistic universe. The constant exposure to a huge amount of imagery in advertisement triggers her to work with these images. In the process of deconstruction and reconstruction her intention is to challenge and question our perception and the way we perceive reality. Since 2021 she runs her own art space Espace Vanhomwegen in central Brussels which is a show room and context for various artistic encounters, co-creative collaborations, exhibitions and concerts.

“I enjoy the playful act of rearranging and assembling visual or audiovisual bits and pieces that I find or come across with in my daily environment. I like to trick the mind of the viewer by challenging their perception. To do that, I use digital tools which are at my disposal.

Using digital media triggers me to go back and forth in the exploration of the surreal. It opens up many possibilities to question the way our mind works and how we perceive. It is an endless play.”

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